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Books are the best companions for one’s life!
We believe in this belief and that’s why we have created this platform. ‘Featured Books’ is a platform where readers can know about the books which they must read; the classics that they must finish once in their lifetime; the books that they must read as many times as they want and also the books that readers must ignore…

We don’t do conventional book reviews only. We try to find the connection between a book and the daily life of a reader. We try to look for that ‘factor’ in any particular book which makes that a ‘must read’ or ‘just ignore it’. You see, our job is quite difficult!

The team at ‘Featured Books’ is quite confident that readers will like this new kind of practice in the book field. An author will always tell you to read his or her book. We will tell you what books you should read and what books you should dump.

From classics to masalas, from Fielding to Bhagat, from Austen to Fitzgerald… we work so much; we read so much; we study so many aspects; we discuss all the relevant perspectives and then only we come to a decision – read or pass! We hope you will like what we do. Happy Reading folks!

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