‘Featured Books’ is a platform for book lovers. We recommend the readers books to read and books to ignore and books for one-time reading and books for multi-time readings. We are a team of people from different backgrounds but we have one thing in common – we read so much!

We read almost all the genres by ourselves or on the authors’ request. We are unbiased towards books and their authors and so, we don’t let the ugly books get out of our grips. We will recommend you the best books only! If we don’t like Harry Potter, we will tell you the grounds on which we dislike the book; if we like a book by some newbie, we will tell you the reasons behind it.

Readers, you can read our book feature once before you decide to buy and read a book. Our purpose is to build a community of book readers who read sensibly, not just because someone else is promoting the book on the web or anywhere else.