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Playing it My Way

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Playing it My Way Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is the icon for Indian youths and almost a God for those who love cricket! For a very long time, his charismatic presence in the field with twenty-two steps of edged piece of land in the middle has given us, the Indians, many moments of pride and honour. Sachin’s great contribution to the game of cricket and through it, the fame and name that he earned for India and often unnoticed, the millions of aspirations that he has brought for the youths around the world has earned him the highest civilian award for an Indian – Bharat Ratna! We are talking about his book today – Playing it My Way. Playing it My Way has broken all the records by an Indian book in the very first week it was launched. On the very first day, Playing it My Way broke all the world records by any Hardcover adult book in both – fiction and non-fiction genre! Such is the talisman of the person; be it on-field or off the field, Sachin Tendulkar rules the hearts! Let’s move ahead to the different sections.

Theme and Technicalities of the Book:

As most of us must know, this is an autobiography of the master blaster. Authored and co-authored by Sachin and Boria Majumdar, the book records the twenty-four years long cricketing career of Sachin and many other aspects of his life which were previously unknown to the public. From the day one he lifted the cricket bat to the day he rested his shoulders and passed off the burden of billions of Indians to others like Kohli and Rohit Sharma, Playing it My Way describes all those details. The book is written in simple language and it contains all the records made by Sachin at the end in a detailed statistics of his career. There are also some parts of the book which drew a little attention. Moreover, it has also been found that Sachin’s book has got some statistics wrong which by no means is the fault of Sachin! To conclude the section, the autobiography of the little master is a plain, simple autobiography which details the life of Sachin in the field along with the emotional details off the cricket ground. His father’s death; the management of his marital relationship; the times he could not attend to his children and all those…

Reasons you MUST read Playing it My Way:

  • The book is written in simple language – plain English with no ambiguous metaphors. Sachin and Boria have kept the business for the sake of business in this context.


  • Re-living the golden days of Indian cricket with the master blaster! This book is like a visual tour of the matches which featured Sachin Tendulkar. If you are a cricket fan, and also the fan of Cricketing God, this book is a bible for you! Go ahead and grab a copy!


  • The emotional details of Sachin Tendulkar’s life are also a great feature of this book. His first meeting with Anjali; his first confrontation with Don Bradman; the monkey-gate episode in Australia; the episode of darkness – Greg Chappell’s era in Indian cricket and so on and so forth…


  • You will be supporting a great cause by reading this book! Every copy purchased ensures that the royalty goes to Apnalaya, an orphanage which takes care of many children who have none to do so!

We hope you have enough reasons to read the book now! Being the cricket fans (all in our team), we have decided already to feature this great book on our platform so that every crickety person comes to know the multi-facets of God’s life. Go ahead and grab a copy from any platform and re-live the moments with master batsman… happy reading folks!

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