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Learn & Adapt; that’s the best way forward! Uma Vanka announces his new book

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Future is B.I.G Uma Vanka's upcoming book announced

Uma Vanka, a well-known technology leader and business transformation expert, announced his new book on his social media – Future is B.I.G. Uma Vanka is the writer of an existing bestselling book, I am a Rockstar, which was appreciated by the readers as well as critics. The first book focused on introducing the best methods to succeed for individuals who wanted to do their best in their career, education and life. The second book that was just announced deals with the broader subject of technology and how it will affect the lives of people in an overall manner. Future is B.I.G is expected to introduce the massive progress in the world of technology to the common people as well as business enthusiasts and also those who are looking to make their careers successful.

Technology has gone bigger in recent years and it is expected to go even bigger in the coming decade. Nobody expected mobile phones to become as powerful as they are today. No one could have imagined, two decades ago, that internet will be dominated by a few big companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter. Right now, nobody can imagine how far and how big can technology go. Uma Vanka’s upcoming book will try to introduce the possible paths technology will travel in the coming years and also bring to the readers the possible opportunities that will be created for those who are interested to make use of the same.

The book also aims to clarify the working of a robot, an AI, advanced and complex automation and so on. Technology is the inevitable future and we cannot stand aloof as the world progresses. The best way forward is knowing about the unfathomable growth, getting acquainted with the changing technology and look for possible opportunities that it will bring. For example, even for employment in the corporate sector today, one has to be very unique in his or her approach to things. Traditional means and approaches have almost ceased to impact the industries and anything that is not connected with technology, the internet and the modern ways of the world, has been rendered obsolete. Keeping these circumstances and things in mind, Future is B.I.G will help the readers understand what has already changed, what’s on the verge of changing and how to successfully adapt oneself to the changes to stay relevant and succeed.

I am a Rockstar by Uma Vanka succeeded as a guide to success in the modern world. The upcoming book is expected to take that rockstar approach a little further and prepare the readers towards taking up the upcoming challenges and opportunities that technology will bring.


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