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19th Akshauhini algorithm of the Gita

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19th Akshauhini algorithm of the Gita

19th Akshauhini: the starters

Gita is always a book people around the world look up to for various reasons. It is a standard par-philosophy and a niche which cannot be attained by any mortal mind. Gita, since the ages (its creation), has been there guiding people in the various walks of life. There are no Bible like commandants; there are no Quran like orders and there is nothing of the sort of things which might be deemed as something dodged or forced upon. Gita gives people a space for discussion, a place to reason and many reasons to be read. Today, we are taking up not exactly the Gita, but a book on Gita which has been authored by Haribakth and Vaishnavi – 19th Akshauhini algorithm of the Gita. This book we received from Ashvamegh for a review and decided to do it in our leisure as Gita or any subject related to it requires concentration and time.

Theme and Technicalities of the Book:

The book is on Gita and there is a lot of Gita in the book. Haribakth has tried to come up with something new, something contemporary and something a little unusual. He has presented modern arguments which generally question the relevance of Gita in the modern age and successfully answered them as well. He has given to readers many modern analogies and even compared Gita to algebra and computers… there are many interesting things that you will find in the book… there are charts; there are tables; there are some images at the end of the book as well. The drawings for the book have been created by Vaishnavi, the co-author of the book, which aims at clarifying the complex concepts of Gita in a simple way.

Reasons you MUST read 19th Akshauhini algorithm of the Gita:

* The book offers plenty of space for reason and arguments. It does not try to dodge things upon the readers in the terms of beliefs or dogma. It does not perceive the Gita in the usual way and does not try to convince people. It tries to answer with facts and facts only which emerge from within the Gita.

* The book is innovative in nature. That’s why you see the title bearing a little ‘algorithm’ as well. Page number 129 simplifies the statement we are trying to make here.

* The later part of the book which features BGoogle, Comparison, Dialogues between dad and his daughter, Others and what is said and what’s understood, is quite unique in substance. This can be read and decoded by any reader very easily and it adds to the universal appeal of the book.

* 19th Akshauhini is impressive in content. The chapters are beautifully abrupt and they vouch for the information they provide to the readers.

With so many reasons, it can easily be understood why we liked the book so much! However, there are certain people which might not like all these as we said, for them, they must read the book to see things which we have already seen. For anyone, the book by Haribakth is a must one-time read to understand what is Gita!

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