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4 Productivity Books you will like! List

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four productivity books you will like

When it comes to books, we have many options. We have different choices and we have different opinions as well. Some like ‘certain’ books and others dislike those ‘certain’ books. We cannot control it. However, when it comes to the books which are almost liked by everyone, we are certainly talking about the books which are ‘ultimate’ goodies for readers across the age group and across the genres. Today we will talk about such books only. Let’s know about the productivity books which can be loved and liked by every reader who comes across these titles.

** The Hutchinson Dictionary of Difficult Words: This is one hell of a good book! This is a perfect book for those readers who want to master the use of difficult words in their conversations or writing. It is useful for the readers, for the writers, for politicians, for anchors, for communicators, for anyone who has to use English as a language for various purposes. It has many difficult words which we rarely use because we have may simple alternatives available in the market of the words. So, if you are looking for something comprehensive in the terms of words, you need to get this dictionary from Hutchinson!

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** A Dictionary of Marxist Thought: This is a book published by Wiley-Blackwell. In this book, a reader can find a to z of the Marxist thought, as the title suggests. This is a very useful reference book for those who have to debate every day with the people who talk about Marx, Marxism and much other related stuff. In this dictionary, a reader can find anything and everything about Marx, Marxist and Marxism.

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** Esquire wine and liquor handbook: Who does not drink? Well, even I don’t do and I know many others who don’t! However, if I am not exaggerating, almost 60% of the population in the world drinks. So, how would you host if a group of drinking friends reach your home for a success party or your wedding anniversary or for any other purposes? Don’t worry; Esquire wine and liquor handbook would be there to your rescue. It has spirits, wines, fortified wines, after-dinner drinks, mixers and many other sections which describe various punches, brandies and many other specified drinks that you can make and serve and also boost your knowledge of wines… isn’t that too interesting?

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** Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations: Who does not like quoting people from the history when all roads but lead to Rome? This Oxford Handbook of quotes will keep you charged with the dosage of quotes that you can use and impress upon your friends and family members. Using related quotes to prove a point or even to emphasise it is always a better idea. Don’t lag behind and get this book and learn the best of the quotes ever existed. Oxford’s book did not disappoint many till the date!

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