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Dynamics of Yoga by Swami Satyananda Saraswati – Review

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Dynamics of Yoga Satyananda Saraswati

The mind is like a pond of water; even a little breeze of air can disturb its surface. Today, the world has changed and the lifestyle of the human being has been changed completely. We seldom get a chance to see the sunrise or the sunset. We have become a slave to our lifestyle that we did not imagine in our childhood days. The mind is taking more stress than ever before like a breeze any situation is disturbing our mind continuously. There is no way out rather go back to the time tested philosophy of Yoga. It has the capacity to transform the visions into reality and help us to be a better version of ourselves and to make a better environment outside as well. Today, I am going to review an outstanding book on yoga named “Dynamics of Yoga” by Swami Satyananda Sarwasti.

The book “Dynamics of Yoga” is divided into three major chapters 1. Yoga Explained 2. Yoga in Everyday Life 3. Mechanics of Meditation.
The book provides a detailed analysis of practical Yoga as well as some tasted theories of Yoga. The concepts are explained in simple language and in a lucid manner that everyone can understand. He did not make it messy or try to make it looks like more intellectual in which we can see a false pride. The book explains the practices of Yoga not only to balance your body but also to provide peace to your mind. Yoga is a deep-rooted philosophy to find inner peace. The mind is the wildest thing in the human body that never sticks to one thing. It changes continuously. In order to control it, the practice of Yoga becomes necessary. Human desires are unlimited to keep it on track we need to maintain the harmony between the demands and desire. Life is full of unpredictable possibilities to grasp all these things peace of mind is necessary. Swami’s book is a pragmatic approach to avoid that worldly tension to enjoy your life with the spiritualism through yoga. Swami tries to keep the subject short and simple that every reader can get an idea about the dynamics of yoga.

Yoga is an ancient science that maintains the hygiene of our body and purification of our heat as well as calming our head. The air our ancestors used to breathe was full of virtues but unfortunately, we have forgotten our roots and lured to some alien culture. However, by the efforts of Yogis and Swamis Yoga is again regaining a prestigious place in the world today. And this book and many others like this one have played important roles in the reclaiming of our ancient wisdom. You can get a copy of this wonderful book from Amazon by clicking the link below:

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Dynamics of Yoga
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A must-read book on Yoga for every readers or person who is curious enough to know about Yoga…

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