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India Positive Citizen by Savitha Rao: Book Review

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India Positive Citizen: Building a Great Nation, One India Positive Action at a Time is a recently published book written by Savitha Rao. This book is receiving appreciation by the readers and critics alike because it goes beyond the norms of popular literature these days. It is not only entertaining the readers with its content but also offering them something to think, to do, to ponder and to work upon. The book has inspirational stories of people who are doing their works towards the nation – taking care of cleanliness, leaking taps, water-saving, drainage, hungry people, jobless people, lighting the dark road and street… small and big efforts made by people whom we seldom know because of their dedication to their work. These stories will certainly make the readers motivated and charged with positive energy in order to do something for the nation… which, in turn, begins by doing something at your individual level… locally or even personally. Small efforts lead to bigger changes in society and eventually in the country. The author has given many examples including the swachh Bharat mission.

“Today Dr Uday Modi and his team provide food via tiffin box to 300 senior citizens in their area.”

During the lockdown, Dr Uday and his team of 11 people have been providing food to senior citizens who were not being taken care of by their family and the team is still continuing – Shravan Tiffin Seva is the name of the selfless service which started way back in 2007… isn’t the story inspiring? What began with feeding one senior citizen has now grown to a stage of providing food to 300 people. Small ideas lead to big changes…

And I must point out to a very distinct quality of this book. The book begins emitting positivity right from the beginning itself. The moment someone has a look at the cover – you are inspired to write your name above the title of the book, twitter styled, #IndiaPositiveCitizen – for example, I can write my name, Nidhi, over the title and pledge my positive actions that will ensure India becomes better and better each day…

The book has positive stories of children, elders, older and men and women from different parts of the country who are supporting the eternal process of nation-building with their actions, thoughts and energy. Not only society of humans, but these people are also taking care of birds, animals and trees – India belongs to everyone and this is a land which has eternally been a witness to the harmony of the highest grade. The author inspires the readers, at the end of every chapter, with some key takeaways of the stories of inspirational people she has included in her book. The book throws a challenge at you with a positive intention. Are you going to continue the usual practice of passing the responsibilities to others or you are going to take the initiative and lead the change?

Do read this book by Savitha Rao and become an India Positive Citizen now! You can get a copy of this book from Amazon India right now and start your journey with your pledge to act for India. The link to the book is:

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India Positive Citizen by Savitha Rao: Book Review
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A stunning 5/5 book which stands out… you must read this ASAP to ensure you give up your habit of ignoring the things you don’t like around you and act to make the change happen. Become an India Positive Citizen now!

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