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On The Way by Vanisha Uppal – Book Review

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On The Way by Vanisha Uppal book review featured books

We have witnessed many books attracting us with the simplistic approach to complex emotions, ideas, events, details and anything in any order which resembles complexity in any close or distant manner. Spirituality, religious ideas or religion itself, humanity and life are some of these complex themes to write about. A recent book that I have been through, written by Vanisha Uppal who happens to be a well-known article writer, an enthusiastic dancer and a practitioner of Kriya Yoga as well, On The Way, has attracted me for the same reasons I have described in the very first line. The author has approached complex things and ideas related to life, spirituality and religious beliefs in a very simple but effective manner. I must say that the ideas a reader will get out of this simple form of writing must be subtle enough to help someone understand the concepts being discussed in a better way.

On The Way, technically, is a collection of various articles written for different occasions. Meeting grandparents, spending time with relatives, tough times in marriage, living alone with a kid and then subsequently a teenage daughter, trying to work up the plan for living independently, joining a job that doesn’t pay well but satisfies one’s inner self… there are articles for almost every big and small event that we might come across in our lives, almost every one of us. And therefore, it becomes too easy to connect with the author’s predicament. However, the important thing in the book is to understand the way Vanisha Uppal, the author, responds to those situations and how she excels because of her belief in life and her gradual realisation of things in her control and out of her ambit.

Vanisha has tried to share her journey and thus the title On The Way should suffice her concept. She believes and writes in her book that knowing one’s inner self should pave the way for knowing things outside us. And, in fact, once a person starts realising what lies within, he or she may never need to look outside! The author has an explanation for the steps she took, decisions she made and ideas she shares. However, she is equally ready to take the blame for the bad decisions she made as she is to help the readers understand the impacts of her ‘good’ and fruitful choices.

On The Way should be an interesting read for the readers who want to understand life in black and white, without any bias for one’s powers or without any fear of someone else’s intrusion. And that is what the book tries to offer. It tends to help the readers understand what is within their reach and white lies beyond. Once we realise our limitations, it becomes easier not to waste time doing things that might not yield fruitful results. Life is to be lived…

Yes, you may find the bold lines in the book a little annoying or maybe gaudy as well! I am not sure what the author intended by including those lines in bold, it does make a distracting impression while you are reading other parts on the page. In addition, you may also find that the content in the book could be presented a little better, at times. And everything else is just fine and you should be enjoying the hours you spend reading this one!

You can get a copy from Amazon India and learn more about the thoughts and ideas of the author by reading her book. You will be a co-traveller in the journey that will be On The Way…

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On The Way by Vanisha Uppal – Book Review
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On The Way by Vanisha Uppal is a book for those who want to understand what life is and what does it offer…

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