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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey – Review

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7 Habits of Highly effective people review

There are a group of authors who constantly try to push society in a better position. They are making their efforts to change the way we think. They try to let us know what we should do in order to be a better person. Moreover, how our efforts can bring a positive changer in society is also constantly on their intellectual canvas. And in this category of authors, no list will exclude Stephen R Covey. Today, I am going to review the best selling book ‘ The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ him. The book describes those powerful steps useful in building a better version of someone who can have the resolve to achieve what should be achieved!

About the Book:
The author has taken a linear and pragmatic approach in providing us with the seven habits to control our mind and be successful. It talks about how you should train your muscles and brain both in order to taste success. We first make our habits and then our habits define who we are. The book tries to lead a person from the state of self-obsession or ego to becoming a team man who tries to achieve more together. It not only leads us to be a better person in our personal life but in professional life as well. He talks about those seven habits that highly effective people have.

1. Be Proactive: Life is an unpredicted phenomenon it can throw anything to you and anytime. You need to prepare yourself in order to come out of these struggles. Just think of what worse can happen to you and make plans according to this, you will never be disappointed in your life. It will lead from mental slavery to mental freedom. And why not? As human beings, we do need to be ready for the worst as well as for the best. Never let the euphoria drown you and never let the colossal sadness overpower you!

2. Begin With the End in Mind: When you are starting a journey just think where you want to end it. It does not matter from where you have started; what matters most is where you might end. Swami Vivekananda has also said, “If you have come in this world then leave some marks behind you if not then what is the difference between you and the trees, stones they too come and decay.” So, think of that when you are gona die what people will talk about you. Let’s make a clear perspective in your mind where you are going to end it! And make it big!

3. Put First Thing First: Covey is pretty clear about the goals. Like other authors, he was not stuck to daily goals and he rather tells the readers to go for weekly or monthly goals. That will show you the bigger picture and will provide you with a larger perspective of your work. The works at hand should be done first and they must be productive. Never indulge in a sport or work that not enhance our mental or physical strength.

4. Think Win-Win: I liked the way the author has explained the complexity of life and motivated us to do more. Life is a zero-sum game, isn’t it? Then why should we act like a narrow-minded person and not participate in everyone’s success? When we start taking joy in someone’s else happiness then surely we will achieve many things together. Act as a team man and you will witness some charismatic changes in yourself.

5. Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood: This is a classic talk, first listen and then speak. You need to understand things clearly, and then only you can be understood better. To understand someone, listen to them with empathy. And to be understood by someone, learn to present your arguments logically.

6. Synergize: One is alone, two is a team that can fit everywhere. Individual thought comes in fragmentation and sometimes can lead us to nowhere. Unite the thoughts and you will get better outcomes.

7. Sharpen the Saw: Here the author has come to the basics. He is now advising the readers to spend at least one hour a day in these activities. Like, eat good food and do exercise, Indulge yourself in the spiritual process to seek inner peace and try being supportive and enthusiastic toward your team. Seve humanity and be a social person and this certainly will enlarge your perspective to judge the society in a better way.

So, I found this book to be interesting as well as timeless. There may be many bad things that change their forms with time but good things and good habits are always timeless. We should certainly work in order to be effective in different walks of life and that’s always better! I will suggest this book to the readers who are looking for better nonfiction books every now and then. This is the title they will read carefully and with energy. Make sure you get 7 Habits of Highly Effective People soon if you haven’t read it yet. You can get one from Amazon India:

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People
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A must read classic motivational book… it will not change things within 7 days but if you follow what Covey says, you are likely to end up changing yourself for better!

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