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The Growth Quotient by Subbarao Mukkavilli: Book Review

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The Growth Quotient Book Review

The Growth Quotient came to be by an accident and I am very happy that this accident took place. Though I am not going to reveal what accident took place and I got the book… let that be a secret. However, I would like to congratulate Subbarao Mukkavilli for his wonderful book in which he has been very practical and precisely to the point… rarely the authors are these days! The Growth Quotient is for all the readers who want to understand why growth is important and how we can achieve it… also, what are the tools by using which we can reach to the destination that we decide for ourselves… also, how to decide your target, how to be requirement ready and how to fill the gaps… there are many things that this book teaches the readers in a very simple and yet, subtle way!

Let’s begin with the ABCD of your personality. The author writes:

High ambition
A strong belief system
Clarity on goals and ambitions
Undeterred discipline

As you can easily guess that the bold words denote the ABCD that the author has emphasised in his book, these things need to be rooted deep inside you with its meanings embedded in your personality and that is something Subbarao has discussed beautifully in the associated chapter, chapter 2 of his book. Likewise, I have found many unique things in his book in terms of ideas and unique plans that I did not see in many other books on self-improvement that I have read. One more thing needs to be pointed out that this author has taken into consideration the ongoing corona pandemic as well. Subbarao bases a part of his content around corona to make the readers understand how and why our world is prone of a possible talent deficiency pandemic and how that pandemic might be the best opportunity for many people to create chances, opportunities and growth. This was, once again, very unique and wonderful to read. The author presses for technical skills, digital awareness and data-efficiency in order to sustain in the corporate world in the coming years.

The book has balanced between its content wonderfully as it offers things for the readers who are into corporates already and the readers who might be thinking to make a career for themselves. Moreover, the author has also kept the focus on the readers who might be reading this book just for motivation – with content focusing on inner development in personality that, in turn, reflects outside in your actions and thoughts. Well, you might have to admit that he is one of the few Indian authors who can handle such a versatile theme with ease.

Critically, if you read the book, you will understand that the author has been a friendly presence around the readers. He did not try to empower the readers with thoughts that are not original and imagination. He has been practical as well as pragmatically visionary in his book. Subbarao begins with what to expect in the chapter and ends with a summary on what was discussed and what the readers may have learnt by the end… isn’t that challenging for the author? Raising the bars of expectations and maintaining the tempo throughout the chapter and delivering the same? For this daring exercise, the author is indeed to be praised!

Moreover, the tone of the book is friendly and the readers will not feel dodged at any point in time. They can understand what the author tries to discuss and they can also get the advantage of the wonderful diagrams and graphics that have been used throughout the book. It sounds more like a person is teaching you from a position right next to you and you can understand things in details.

And therefore, I am not going to be a miser here! I will rate the book by Subbarao Mukkavilli very substantially and I would recommend everyone to get this book and read it asap… anyone who wants to self-improvement lessons in the times of crisis must read this book and take advantage. All the best! You can get a copy of the ebook from Amazon India by clicking the link below:

Buy the book – click here to buy from Amazon India

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The Growth Quotient by Subbarao Mukkavilli: Book Review
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Subbarao’s book is a must-read! It deals with the things that most of the authors deal… he deals with things in a way that no other authors can deal! All the best!

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