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Where could God be? By Ananya Singh & Khushboo Singh – Book Review

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Where could God be Ananya Singh Khushboo Singh book review featured books

God has always been a fascinating concept for many. As a kid, I always wondered whether I will be able to see God one day or not. And I am sure many other kids must have the questions like this in mind. God always entices young people. And once they begin schooling, they hear stories about God and that multiplies their excitement and possibly converts the same into curiosity. What should we do then? How can we answer those hundreds of questions that kids ask about God all the time? To those who are bewildered as parents on how to satisfy their children’s curiosity, I have to offer a solution. Let them read a good book! And the book I propose is Ananya Singh & Khushboo Singh’s work Where could God be? This is a wonderfully printed board book written for kids. It has about 20 pages and it offers the kids explanations for their questions about God.

Decorated with beautiful images, the book has a visual appeal that will attract kids to go through it till the end. It has minimal but very sensible, meaningful and informative text that is inspired by the ancient values and civilisational knowledge that we Indians have been carrying forever. The book suggests that God is everywhere and also exhibits the same in text and images. It goes many steps beyond merely saying that God is everywhere to visually telling kids where one could visualise God. That’s interesting, joyfully and also very reassuring to know and I am sure kids will love it.

The lines used in the book are lyrical and kids might remember them after reading them a few times. This is a book that young readers will love reading more than once. It is comforting and visually satisfying. Kids learn their lessons when they see things and seeing the content in this book will inspire them to think, ask and do. Parents can help them by taking them to the parks and by the sea. Let them tell where they could visualise God. Parents can also enhance their spiritual quotient by telling them which God in Hinduism symbolises which element of nature and associates with which things. Indra for rain, Agni for fire, Varuna for water, Saraswati for intellect etc.

In short, if you consider carefully, Where could God be opens up kids to a whole new world and they can start their journey of knowing the great Indian philosophy. This book is a gateway to knowledge at an early age. Why are you waiting? Get a copy and treat your kids with knowledge! Buy a copy from Amazon India by clicking the link below:

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Where could God be? By Ananya Singh & Khushboo Singh – Book Review
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Where could God be? By Ananya Singh & Khushboo Singh is a book for young readers… those who are just entering their academic life and have a lot of questions to ask. This book tells about God’s whereabouts to young kids!

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