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Neela Neela by Gautam Rajrishi – Review

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Neela Neela Gautam Rajrishi featured books review

Neela Neela is a wonderful collection of poems that revolves around human nature and emotions. Written by a Hindi poet named Gautam Rajrishi, this contemporary Hindi poetry collection has marked an impression upon me which will last longer. Neela Neela, though the title connotes a certain colour, is colourful! Gautam has done a wonderful job in maintaining the rhythm of poems and provides the readers moments of joys, sorrows, yesterday and tomorrow… yes and no together. Poems are short in length, most of the times, and it does not take too much time to finish the book entirely. With beautiful language and eloquent style of presenting, expressing whatever the poet wants, make it a perfect piece to read by the lovers of Hindi poetry.

Love – this emotion is at the core of the themes that we find in the collection. Poems feel like true events in the life of anyone. I can see myself in some of the poems, and I believe anyone will see the same. It connects with the readers easily. The author has tried to capture the various sheds of emotions that we experience in our lives and, undoubtedly, love has been given special treatment by Gautam. With the heavy influence of Urdu in the language used for the poems, it becomes to be a perfect mixture of Hindi and Urdu. Poems seem to be coming directly from the author or he has experienced the same in his life. However, it would not be right to conjecture upon this thing. A captivating scenario takes place in front of the readers that forces them to go back on a nostalgic trip of their wonderful memories. It is really hard to keep your feelings aside and become completely objective while reading the poems. The author has written with a force that compels the readers to think of their lives and the best moments in a timelapse.

However, it can be labelled with the collections that only, might, suit the young readers. Youths of the day in India have started taking interest in Hindi literature, especially poetry and shayari.  Nevertheless, this remark doesn’t intend to press that there is nothing for the readers who are old enough to understand various threads that go on in making what we call life. Gautam has certainly touched the chords of traditional music… you will like it. He has talked about village life, beauty, family, Fauzi (army) and so on… However, the youthful nature of the poetry collection comes alive so many times as the poet has tried to keep his work contemporary by inserting the words that are commonly used by the young population. You will find Mobile, SMS, Facebook and many other modern elements used in the interesting couplets that the poet has been successful in making happen…

There is a different touch in the Ghazals and Shayris of Gautam. He has tried to mix all the genres and finish it with an elegant touch of modernity. A vivid representation of emotions can be found in the ghazals. With lots of English words, it defies the classic borderline of poems or ghazals writing. However, one has also to give the credit where its due. Gautam Rajrishi’s collection will certainly give a new impetus to the Hindi poets who cannot make use of the ancient, traditional or classic style… You read his words and you make your sense. There is nothing to wander… you can wonder, however, at times. At the end of the day, you will certainly love whatever you read in front of your eyes… So, are you ready to be Neela Neela?

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Neela Neela by Gautam Rajrishi – Review
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Fallen in love ever? Neela Neela is a collection of Hindi poems meant to be read by you… mostly nostalgic or in a memory of something lost… the poems are wonderful, alive and beautiful with all the details – the lyrical quality in modern Hindi poetry in India is evident. Gautam is a serious poet, at times… a lover, most of the times!

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