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The Tools of Leadership

I don’t know how many of the readers of this post have actually read something by Max Landsberg, an international bestseller who has authored many motivational books. The list includes a masterpiece that I have gone through – The Tools of Leadership. The subtitle of this very book tells us

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The Quest of the Sparrows

The Quest of the Sparrows appeared on our desk previous month. The book’s cover suddenly captured our attention and it struck momentarily. At times, we do have to judge some books by their covers. 🙂 Once in the reading process, surprisingly, none of the members looked back (three people) and

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Playing it My Way

Sachin Tendulkar is the icon for Indian youths and almost a God for those who love cricket! For a very long time, his charismatic presence in the field with twenty-two steps of edged piece of land in the middle has given us, the Indians, many moments of pride and honour.

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