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A Dowryless Wedding – Review

Merlin Franco’s debut book, A Dowryless Wedding, has been impressing the readers since the day it was launched. Not only readers, critics and serious fiction readers have also praised the book for its vividity and a kind of newness that it brings with itself. Based on fictional events, the culture

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Revisiting Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is a Charlotte Bronte’s novel which is supposed as one of the classics which still remain very popular and stand out on the in the test of time every passing year… However, have we ever tried to read Jane Eyre with a perspective other than reading a classic?

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Little Maryam – review

Maryam and Saadiq’s tragic love story has been so good so far and many readers have enjoyed reading Little Maryam by Hamid Baig. It was my time 3 days ago that I started reading Little Maryam and today I am writing this review of the wonderful romance novel that it

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Jestus on Rampage – Review

Jestus on Rampage is a novel written by V S Sury and published in the year 2015. This came as a sequel to the previously published novel entitled Jestus. A dark-humour to me, the novel indeed shows a manifold of interpretation possibilities if you read it carefully as Jestus is

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Despite Stolen Dreams

Despite Stolen Dreams is a novel written by Anita Krishan. Read the review of this book by Featured Books team. Based on terrorism in valley and a man’s hope for finding peace and life, this is interesting as well as enlightening! A game of cat and mice at the beginning

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