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Moral Fiber by Shawn Vij – Book Review

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Moral Fiber shawn vij book review

Before I begin discussing or offering the review or my opinions on the book Moral Fiber by Shawn Vij, a noted business magnet in the USA, let me explain the background a little in brief. And then I will get straight into the book by Shawn. I am sure that the readers will like my review.

Sometimes we come across some people or unfolding of certain events that compel us to introspect. They show us the mirror that we only had covered with the curtain of “whatever we did or doing is correct”. They make us realize that what we were as a child and what we have become while pursuing our desires. This realization changes our perception of life, people, and work. I am sure, each of us at some point in life must have had experienced this. Moral Fiber is the result of Shwan Vij’s meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The book is a practical guide which tells us how to stick to the innate core values in any situation irrespective of how good or bad they are. It also describes how to rediscover those values.

We are just running blindfolded for success. In this race, we indeed make many sacrifices. We too forget our core values. Leaving them behind, we just run for more and more and more wealth, power and possessions. But when we pursue pleasures, passions, and possessions at the cost of being true to ourselves, to the people around us, and to our own humanity, then our life would certainly become topsy-turvy.

The book starts with the author’s meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and how that one meeting opened the inner door for him and the meaning of his life changed completely. It is about the journey that commences from “It’s not personal; it’s just business and ends with It’s business and it’s always personal.” There are 9 chapters in the book and each chapter is filled with tips, tools and tales to identify the root cause and eliminate toxic behaviours. The main message of the book is that as long as you are unable to give the same importance to your inner values and ethics of life as you give to material development, you can’t evolve. You can’t be happy and contented as the wealth and possession cannot satisfy one internally. The book is, once again, a practical guide on how to thrive personally and professionally while staying true to who you are, your values, ethics and what you believe.

The essence of the book lies in the author explaining the three poisons – Anger, Greed and Ignorance that are the root cause of mayhem and disturbance in the healthy environment at the workplace. The author says the poisons are like a swarm of locusts that overtake our minds, slowly chipping away at our values. Similarly, 4 Ds – Deception, Detraction, Discrimination, and Doubt that causes the toxic behaviours are explained by the author with realistic examples. The author mentions that these 4 Ds could be the result of your past experiences and you are unconsciously practising them without asking yourself whether your behaviour matches your values. And lastly, the author shows the readers, the ultimate gateway of rediscovering inherent core values, such as fairness, respect, compassion, and honesty, and how to genuinely act on them daily.

The author has narrated his life experiences as examples that give more depth to the book and make it more engaging and intriguing for the readers. On many occasions you may find yourself going into the flashback, recalling the same situation happened with you or you mimicking the 4Ds. The author has kept the language of the book so simple that message of the book could reach to more and more people. After spending more than 6 years in the corporate sector, I too personally believe that it is your core values, apart from your skills set, knowledge and talent, that help you attain success and satisfaction together in your professional life.

I will definitely recommend this book to all the corporate professionals who want to learn how to walk confidently on the path of achieving professional goals without compromising the core values and maintaining a balance between personal and professional life. You can buy the book from Amazon India and enjoy your rediscovery of yourself!

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Moral Fiber by Shawn Vij – Book Review
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Moral Fiber: A Practical Guide to Living Our Values is a book written by Shawn Vij that teaches the readers how to maintain a perfect balance between moral values and professional ambitions.

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  • This is a wonderful review. I would certainly take a look at the book. Thanks for letting us know about such a book.


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