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Self-Publishing: Expectations vs Reality by Nataraj Sasid – Review

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Self-publishing expectations vs reality book review

Nataraj Sasid has been actively involved in the publishing industry for more than two decades. It is only now (why not before) that he has come up with a wonderful book on self-publishing which will be useful for the upcoming authors who are not so sure about the route of self-publishing. The book by Nataraj is entitled – Self-Publishing: Expectations by Reality. As you can expect the content that you will see inside the book, you will meet with the same. The book has come up really nicely and you, if you are an author in making, will get an overall idea of publishing and self-publishing. Let’s get into the details of the book.

There are 14 chapters in the book and all of them are informative in nature. The book does not go into the depth of the issues all the time but it certainly gives an idea of the issues discussed in different chapters. You can understand who should write and how to pursue writing. You can also understand what are the ways to improve one’s writing to make a successful and ideal manuscript. The book also tells you how you can start looking for publishers and what publishing mode should be chosen to achieve quick, sure and considerable success. And, as expected, the author suggests choosing self-publishing will be a wise option, though with a certain caution.

The main focus of the book is on self-publishing. What is self-publishing? What is print on demand publishing? What is the new thing called free self-publishing that many publishers are offering these days? How to become successful in the game of self-publishing in India? There are many questions like these that the author has answered in his useful book. I have to admit that Nataraj has used his understanding of the publishing industry in his book. He has also written his opinions, ideas and concussions in a persuasive a well as authoritative manner so that the readers can have a clear understanding as well as an assurance of the things they read. For example, Nataraj claims in Self-Publishing: Expectations vs Reality that self-publishing is the ideal choice for new authors. He does not leave his claim barren. He justifies it with his valid arguments and ideas and I am sure he will be able to persuade many readers with these. Likewise, he has also listed some free tools that upcoming authors can use by themselves and create wonderful ebooks and sell them even without any publisher.

The author has made sure that 99rs that you spend in purchasing this book and the time that you invest in reading this book do not go empty in terms of returns. Anyone who reads this title by Nataraj will have a clear idea of self-publishing with things associated with it. Moreover, the book has also taken a certain position on promotions and marketing, though not deep, and that enough for the readers to know how to market your book or at least, how to plan the marketing of your book.

I am recommending this book to authors in the queue who are ready to be self-published! All the best! You can get an ebook from Amazon Kindle and enjoy your day!

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Self-Publishing: Expectations vs Reality by Nataraj Sasid – Review
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Language is lucid. The theme is clear and pursued the same way. The book does what it means to do.

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