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The Kumbh Travelogue: A Photo Journey by Anuj Tikku – Review

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The Kumbh Travelogue by Anuj Tikku review

Kumbh Mela of 2019 was a very successful, peaceful and the biggest ever religious gathering on earth as of now. Many people, as many as in 100s millions visited the city of Prayagraj and took the holy dip in Sangam. Have you missed that? If yes, you can relive all those moments by doing two things – either watching the videos or reading a book. We have brought to you both the things right here: you can read Anuj Tikku’s Kumbh Travelogue and also watch the videos that he has made during his 2019 Kumbh coverage.

The Kumbh Travelogue 2019 begins with Anuj’s Rs 1 donation drive that he did during the Kumbh Mela. He urged people to donate only 1 Rs each and at the end, he donated all the collected funds to the development of Pryagraj. Moving ahead, the readers are taken into various verses of the Kumbh 2019 – from Shivir of Sant Swarupananda to the holy dip of the Mouni Amavasya. There are descriptions and there are many images that readers can enjoy and eventually recreate the massive gathering of people perfumed with the scent of religion and devotion.

“Orange and the colour of saffron is everywhere in the city with exotic wall paintings of ancient Gods and Demons. I wore my long bright saffron dhoti today and then ventured out towards Civil Lines.”

Anuj Tikku has tried his best to cover the exact vastness of the scenes he watched at the Kumbh, on the banks of Sangam. You can watch these experience on his YouTube channel here to have a better visual: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTnvgjgpI9RxrY1YsVzU31g/videos

In terms of critically analysing the book on Kumbh 2019 by Anuj, a reader will have to read it carefully. Yes, there are limitations and possible repetitions in the book. However, within the frontiers of his writing, Anuj has done very well in The Kumbh Travelogue: A Photo Journey. His language has been liquid and tried to flow with the natural experiences without any colouring of decorative lyrics or effect of language. Have a look:

“The never-ending vastness of the Sangam and its grey sands are a sight to behold. A sea of humanity descends on it to take their holy bath, pray, chant and bless one another. There is peace in its madness.”

If you haven’t been to the Kumbh Mela before or missed the 2019 edition, you can certainly read Anuj Tikku’s book and enjoy the experiences sitting home by visualising what could have been a life-long experience for you! You can grab a copy for your Kindle or your phone from Amazon here:

Click here to buy the Book by Anuj – Amazon India


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The Kumbh Travelogue
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Visual Recreation: Check
Exciting Content: Check
Language: Check

To sum it up, a must-read experience!

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  • Chandani Sachdeva
    May 7, 2019 1:24 pm

    Very thanks for this review. I was eagerly waiting for some books on Kumbh Mela 2019 as I couldn’t visit Prayag this time. I will take a look at this one at the weekend to come.


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