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An Apology for Shakespeare

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An Apology for Shakespeare review

Good books featuring poetry have become rarer these days. We have abundance of novels and non-fiction books harnessing innuendoes and agendas in plenty but when we search for the books which could provide us pleasure and peace and chaos with quality poetry, we have to be sad, unfortunately! Nevertheless, on occasions, in flashes, we do come across the poetry books which are just wonderful and exciting as well as enlightening – to cut short, a package full of poems which offer delight as well as wisdom. I have come across one book of the same range and the book is titled An Apology for Shakespeare. Written as ‘defence of poetry’ by the poet S A Joseph from Kerala, India, this book has the blessings of popular philosopher and a poet himself, Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati!

The poet, in this anthology, mourns the loss of this wonderful art of poetry. He feels the world has lost something which was the only medium of peace and harmony because religion and politics have already failed us! Fortunately enough, the poet still thinks that we could somehow revive the art of poetry once again. He is optimistic but with the page progress, you come across different facets of the poetic art of S A Joseph. He takes the liberty enjoyed by the creative people and challenges the authority of God as well. He praises the deceitful art of Lucifer who has gone ahead and gripped even stronger on his preys – the human beings!

The poems are all modern in theme and tone but sometimes archaic in the style of writing. With a strong appeal, the poetry of S A Joseph catches the eyes and minds of the readers instantly. The way he emphasises on the things and the way he warns people about the grotesque of this blind race we are following in the name of modernity is remarkable. Most of the times, his poetry is flawless and flowing smoothly. It will surely make a reader believe that the poet has been successful in the purpose he meant – he has successfully told the readers that poetry is surely a thing which will please you for most of the time than any other things whatsoever.

On the seamy side, the readers who have been reading classics of the poetry might find some flaws in the poetry presented by S A Joseph in An Apology for Shakespeare too. His choice of words and the unorthodox amalgam might confuse them at times but that is the demand of the modern writing. He also wants to express that poetry has (to a greater extent) lost the important purpose and has been astray into the hands of the poets who just ‘enjoy’ writing!

To sign off, the poetry by S A Joseph as presented in An Apology for Shakespeare is remarkable in the choices of the themes as well as noteworthy in its bolder experiment. You will surely enjoy reading his verse and you can get your copy right now from Amazon by clicking the link below:

An Apology for Shakespeare on Amazon

An Apology for Shakespeare by S A Joseph
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A must read modern classic for the lovers of poetry!

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