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Bhrashtachar Charchit Kahaniyan – Dr Pramod Agrawal – Review

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Bhrashtachar charchit kahaniyan review

It was just the last week that I finished this book, Bhrashtachar – Charchit Kahaniyan, authored by a retired IAS officer by the name of Dr Pramod Kumar Agrawal. We all know the long-long and ongoing sagas of corruption in India and for us Indians, corruption is not a new thing – ‘it’s a way of life’; someone said this and I forgot who to mention. However, this book, just rekindles those stories and make them look even worse because by reading those, you will feel that how easily we could bear with all this?

The best part of this book is that the author Dr Pramod has managed, successfully, to give his stories a humorous touch so that the readers don’t get bored reading the stories which they know already. For example, look at the pun intended in the below title of the story number 34:

“Koyle ki dalali me hath kala”

“Hands get dirty in coal scam”

Do you get the pun? I believe you do because it’s very easily visible to anyone even with the bare eyes without any UV spectacle.

Bhrashtachar – Charchit Kahaniyan looks at different dimensions of corruption with many possible angles. It depicts the corruption at the smallest level as well as at the corridors of power. Political funding, corruption by accountants in government offices, clerks, corruption in the name of employment and even in the army… so, you are going to get a complete saga – and interestingly, in the preface, the author hints that he wanted to name the book Bhrashtachar Puran but refrained because of some reasons.

In short, I will only say that the book is a very good read for the people who enjoy leisure in their lives. And because the book is in Hindi, it will multiply the interest of reading. I have enjoyed my share of it and wish to extend this joy and so, I am recommending this book to all of you, readers and book lovers and also those casual readers…

You can get the book at any Kitab Mahal Store in India or maybe on their website as well.

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Bhrashtachar - Charchit Kahaniyan
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This is a very good book for leisurely reading… serious anti-corruption fighters can read this book with interest and casual readers can enjoy the humour of the author!

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