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Insignificant Me by Dr Prathima – Book Review

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Some books have a genuine impact on us. We cannot resist appreciating the content. And it happened to me recently. I got a book from my friend in the literary circle – Insignificant Me by Dr Prathima K. When I first saw the book, I was not inclined to read it as much as I am enthusiastic about reading genre fiction these days. I thought it might just be another listen-to-my-story thing. However, once I began reading Prathima’s book, I was not only impressed by her choices of themes to write but also her art of writing. It is not extraordinary or something peculiar. And this is what differentiates the author from other contemporary writers. She has used all the available tools (available to every author) in the best possible way without being too experimental or naive.

As the author describes it herself, Insignificant Me is a collection of 12 short stories. These stories come directly from the experience of the author. She writes about her job as a doctor, her interaction with the patients, her family, her relatives, her kitchen experiences, her spiritual quests, her religious beliefs, and her experiences in cities and places of India… in short, the author has explored her urge to write about things she deems necessary and interesting enough to share with the readers. The book has come up as something lively and animated, something that keeps the readers engaged and excited about what’s coming next.

For serious readers who have read more than 100 books, the book will shine bright in terms of the author’s enthusiasm to share her feelings and thoughts. However, there might be minor and major writing mistakes at times. Style, grammar, and simple and common mistakes that many authors make while writing for the first time might be there. However, these things seldom deter the connection between the author and her readers because the book travels in a straight line. Content and the idea behind content are engaging. Analogies, comparisons, issues that we want to discuss, issues within the house like the Saas-Bahu relationship and its various facets, how to overcome lack of motivation, how to coax oneself after failure, and many things are there in the book that will inspire the readers to reassess their position and charge ahead.

Insignificant Me has impressed many readers. There are opinions and reviews on Goodreads and Amazon that you can read before you decide to buy the book. Friends from different literary communities online have also written about the book warmly. My personal experience and opinion about the book are high. I enjoyed it despite the mistakes in writing. It touches on the core issues of life. The very first chapter tells you how a simple second of spur can shape your entire life.

In short, and to conclude, if you want to enjoy varied experiences of life in the form of writing, Insignificant Me brings that to you. If you want to understand important things about life by reading someone’s perspectives and opinions, the book is for you. Last but not the least, if you are a reader who enjoys reading meaningful literature, the book is for you as well. Get a copy of Significant Me from Amazon India by clicking the link below:

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Insignificant Me by Dr Prathima – Book Review
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Insignificant Me by Dr Prathima is a collection of 12 short stories that are inspired by the real-life experiences of the author… however, these experiences are shared by all of us. You will enjoy reading the book and also learn from it.

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