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Monsoon Minds

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Monsoon Minds Ravi Nambiar

What are you reading?

Gone are the days we used to read things which were lengthy, sometimes boring and sometimes unbearable too! Today, we want fresh plots to be served to us with some innovative ideas which we can read in our leisure and also enjoy. You can go ahead and pick some masala authors who provide you quick-fix entertainment in no time; keep turning the pages and keep reading the same drab – kisses and bed scenes! Do you really like those? Don’t you ever think of getting out of the ‘bedroom’ and reading something which is worth reading? We have picked a book for you which will take you back to the reality and to the emotions which are very near to human life! Monsoon Minds – a collection of short stories authored by debutant but experienced Ravi Nambiar is a book which will give you many moments of introspection and a real joy of reading which you must be missing for a long time now!

Monsoon Minds – The Theme & Technicalities

The theme that Ravi Nambiar has picked for his debut book is very rare and very near to the readers – human emotions and compulsions. Talking of his stories, he has written about various subjects – love, family, life, rural life, corporate issues and the interesting thing is that in all his stories, the characters will be very much like you and us! There is no larger than life hero or fancy heroine in Monsoon Minds. The book offers you eighteen short stories which are really short and there are only 151 pages in the book. You will enjoy reading the stories and endings, in most of them, will give you a kind of mental relief. For example, take a look at the lines below:

“As I woke up from the trans-sleep, I saw shadows of large trees on both the sides of the road dying down to give way to new ones, and the metal music started sounding like Om.”

You will find a kind of motivational message in Ravi’s stories. Indeed, life is about moving on and it is well acknowledged by the characters in the stories.

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Reasons to Read Monsoon Minds:

  1. The book is a one-go for the readers who are hungry for quality content! You can sit with the book on a Sunday and finish it even before you have your lunch! Therefore, for the voracious readers, Ravi Nambiar has offered something must consumable. For the readers who rather prefer to chew the meat for long, the can go one by one. A story runs almost 7-10 pages and they can read two each day. The book is not at all boring nor lengthy. You will enjoy the read for sure!
  2. The author has too much experience of the public life and he has not made this book a naive author’s fancy. He has weighed the ideas and emotions very well, like a real, experienced plot-maker. There is a kind of spell which starts working as soon as you read the first story – A Rural Desire.
  3. The book can make you nostalgic! If you had some heartaches in the past, you will find this book delightful as it offers you the genuine characters who can breathe and feel… the emotions linger in the stories which depict a different kind of love… you cannot miss those!
  4. Back to the reality – Monsoon Minds, as the title hints, is full of the stories which will take you to the world of landscapes, rivers, mountains, and everything you miss in the modern books. Out of the gloom of the city life, the book opens you to the rural set up which you will surely enjoy reading.

Now that you know too much about the book, we hope you would not like to miss it as there are no reasons to do so! Grab your copy today and experience the monsoon rains… Happy reading, reading bugs!

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