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Sikkim in my Love Story – Review

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Sikkim in My Love Story review Featured books

Sikkim in my love story is a collection of short stories written by a famous and respected author from Sikkim, Narsing Nirzat. It will start the job of impressing you right from the very content page where you will find that the length and spread of each story range equally – 34 pages! Isn’t that sharp? I have many reviewers and book critics already catching this thing but it has to be caught; this isn’t a usual job managing such precise length of short stories and keeping your thoughts pack within the same number of pages… other than the length factor, each of the nine included short stories talks about the culture, civilisation, way of living, people and natural beauty of the place Sikkim. The author hints in his preface that the stories are nothing but a very reflection of Sikkim because he would love people from other states in India to know about his state.

So, you will find the short stories in the book Sikkim in My Love Story talking about people who will be from Sikkim (and real people as well), places located in Sikkim (again real) and the events which are inspired by the real events which took place in the past. The author has also given a list of notes which will help the readers understand the story behind each of the nine stories.

What will you like in the book?
You will certainly like the simplistic writing of the author Narsing Nirzat. The way he defines the ideas and emotions is simply wonderful. However, sometimes, oversimplification does not let you feel the difference whether you are listening to a story or reading a story. You will like reading the way he describes places and the people, buildings and the hits, mountains and the gardens and even the roads. It will remind you of those classic pieces of literary writings where details mattered a lot!

How long might it take?
Reading the collection Sikkim in My Love Story will take a little time because it has 325 pages. Depending upon the readers’ interest and speed of reading, it will take about 2-4 days. In my case, it was 3.

Some down points in the book?
It depends on how you interpret the book. If you are a critical reader, you might find the over-emphasis on the description of places and people a little troublesome and slow. However, the author has already apologised for the same in his preface. Other than that, in some instances, the writing has become snappy and it takes time getting over it. In two stories, you might find the plot a little simple. All other things in the book are fine and it certainly remains a very good read at the end.

Where can I get the book?
You can buy this collection by Narsing Nirzat on Amazon India. Just click the link below and you will be taken to the page where you can buy the book:

Buy the book – click here to go to Amazon

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Sikkim in my Love Story
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A very genuine piece of writing… short stories from the east which falls in north!

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