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3 Self-help & Motivational Authors You Must Read Soon – A List

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What is a self-help book? What does a self-help author do? What is it that he should do? In simple terms that we can all agree, self-help or motivational author, who writes books that inspire the readers, should be focusing on aspects that make the readers aware of what they have, what they lack, what can they do to fill the void between having and lacking. Also, if an author can suggest the best, practical and viable ways by which one can achieve goals then it becomes just the thing that the readers generally look for. However, there are two ways – one is by going the traditional method and the second is by going to the modern and practical method. Who are the authors you have read? Who are the best self-help authors that you appreciate? In this short but very dramatic list, I have included three authors – a traditional, a spiritual and a practical. And I am sure that you will certainly love reading the books by all three of the listed personalities.

  • Shiv Khera: He can be labelled as one of the or the earliest of the first generation of modern motivational authors in India. The book ‘You Can Win’ by Shiv Khera has gained international popularity. His way, that his readers appreciated one time, is traditional. His book also gave him wide popularity as a motivational speaker and life coach. The basic themes of his books revolve around life management, goal-orientation, stress management and many more. Later in his career, he also shifted to sales and marketing motivation and his book, You Can Sell, focuses on the same. He has tried to present a different way of telling a success story. Rather than highlighting the success of a particular person, he has highlighted the number of failures he has overcome to reach the current position of his life. Success stories always attract but it becomes difficult to adopt those in real life. And the story of failure teaches the readers to analyse, introspect and prepare for the next hurdle. Shiv Khera is a wonderful author that today’s young generation must-read in order to evaluate themselves and their strategies against the modern-day approach.
  • Sharat Sharma: After one from the traditional lot, Sharat Sharma is the one who can be said to be from the current generation of motivational and self-help authors. And, naturally, he is sure to differ in his approach, style and even content. His book, The One Invisible Code, tries to impact the minds of the readers and tell them all the possible scenarios and inspire them to choose what is the best. Sharat puts self-awareness at the top of his priority list and makes the readers aware of the fact that once they know themselves, the real potential and mindset, they can achieve miracles in life. Sharat’s style is very transparent. He offers facts embedded in inspirational conversations, highlighted in attractive boxes and bullets, also visible in diagrams. Practical, succinct and free of ‘I talk and you listen’ approach that might have been the source code of the traditional self-help authors. Sharat has become popular as a motivational speaker, sales coach, life-management coach and he also works with various organisations to inspire the employees to achieve better. He helps his readers right from realising their potential to choosing the best goals and then also finding the best possible methods to achieve the same. Interesting and inspiring and also suitable for the complex modern world!
  • Sadhguru: I explained a traditional author, a modern author and now is the time to understand a spiritual author. Who does not know Sadhguru today? He is a recognised spiritual guru and life coach. He is the founder of the world’s biggest volunteers’ organisation – Isha Foundation. Sadhguru tries to establish a notion where the readers can inhale practical philosophy and excel positive Karma. The books by him ‘Inner Engineering’ and ‘Death’ have been written in a way that will not only teach the readers practical ideas but also enhance the intellectual ability of the readers. His ideas and writings can lead a man to the right path fused with practical actions and also a kind of spiritual awareness. However, one has to keep in mind that his books are most helpful for those who have crossed the age of 40, at least.

Before I conclude this article, let me tell the readers that these three authors are suitable, generally, for all age groups. However, Shiv Khera is a little too traditional in his approach and his book, the most famous one, You Can Win can only inspire you to do things but certainly lacks too much of information on how to do things in practical life. Sharat Sharma’s book, The One Invisible Code, gives you the exact methods and also compares many of them side by side. Sharat also defines various kinds of mindsets for the readers and you can easily find what is the nearest version of your approach and work on the suggestions to improve your goal apprehension and ways to achieve the same. Sharat is the most suitable one for youngsters, freshers and those who feel they want to achieve big but lack the approach. On the other hand, Sadhguru’s books and philosophies are the most suitable for those who have seen enough of the corporate and academic world and want to achieve peace but in a practical way.

All the best!

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