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Thomas Hardy and his Novels

Looking into the profile of Thomas Hardy will reveal many things at once. He was a master creator of master plots. He was a genuine entertainer with his own sentimental goals to settle in his novels. He was a probable feminist. He seemed, at times, a misogynist (to many ‘feminists’).

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Debadatta Satpathy

In India, we usually have a dearth for the authors who like to venture into the field of short story writing. We have been, nevertheless, seeing the authors rising to the occasion and taking on the art of short story writing to absolute new levels in India. They are experts

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Author Prabhat Ranjan

Prabhat Ranjan is one of those authors who woke up late to publishing their works but kept writing through their life. An emerging novelist from Bihar, Prabhat writes in Hindi (often) and sometimes in English as well. His debut novel, With You; Without You, is due to be launched in

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