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Author Prabhat Ranjan

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Prabhat Ranjan is one of those authors who woke up late to publishing their works but kept writing through their life. An emerging novelist from Bihar, Prabhat writes in Hindi (often) and sometimes in English as well. His debut novel, With You; Without You, is due to be launched in near future. This is a work in Hindi language and it tells the story of three individuals connected to each other with the threads of friendship, love and at times, jealousy. Prabhat has always wanted to write about the humane perspectives and present his writing to the world for a serious perusal. However, because of his responsibilities and other occupations, he could not find time to dedicate to the profession of writing. And that is why the debut book has taken so long to be published!

Born into a well-known and respected family, Prabhat Ranjan’s father has been into politics for long. Prabhat himself completed academic life in Engineering stream and is currently working as an Engineer in Indian Railways. However, to pursue a serious writing career with dedicated time, Prabhat is considering to quit the job and become a full-time author.

Currently in Patna, Prabhat Ranjan belongs to the tradition of those authors who have made their names famous in the history of Hindi literature in India. Bihar has always been a great contributor to the archive of literature produced in Hindi. Author Prabhat Ranjan is taking that trend forward. His writing displays the maturity of thoughts and craft as well. A simple human nature story can be moulded into a pleasant and serious novel, Prabhat has proved this thing with his very first work. With You; Without You, his debut novel in Hindi is a work which will surely fetch serious readership and applaud from the reading public.

Personally, Prabhat is a person who loves to lead a simple life. Unlike the tradition nowadays, Prabhat’s lifestyle is different and same is the case with his thoughts. He often discusses on the ‘imported artificial values’ in the relationship and human life. And so you can find in his writings too. Every now and then, he keeps writing shorter pieces and those inspired him to write something for the readers which they could cherish for a longer period of time.

Author Prabhat Ranjan is currently working on his second novel which is (he tells) far more serious than the debut work With You; Without You. We will keep tracking the progress and post as soon as the novel is launched.

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