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Debadatta Satpathy

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Debdatta Satpathy

In India, we usually have a dearth for the authors who like to venture into the field of short story writing. We have been, nevertheless, seeing the authors rising to the occasion and taking on the art of short story writing to absolute new levels in India. They are experts in collecting the ‘Indianness’ of their being and fusing them with their great artistic vision and finally producing some of the finest of the short stories which connect with the readers easily and offer them some moments of joy and reading pleasure. Today, we will be introduced to one such short story writer from India – Debadatta Satpathy.

Born and raised in Odisha, India, Debadatta is an experienced professional with degrees in Engineering and MBA and has been working for more than two decades now. However, it’s his interest in literature – reading and writing, which motivates him to write wonderful short stories. Author of two books until the date, Debdatta Satpathy believes that the real test of any creative writer might be in producing short stories of quality because in limited space for words, one has to say something which must touch the hearts of the readers!

Debadatta Satpathy is very much at home in narrating the usual events of life in such an interesting way that readers enjoy reading them. One such example can be found in his latest book, Ghostbusters and Other Stories. He has written a short story titled Hello, Sanskrit. In this story, the author narrates how he feared Sanskrit during his high school days and how his tacit competition with a girl next door panicked him to a greater degree and how he finally succeeded in standing up to the occasion. Events are just usual and can happen with almost everybody. However, the way that Debadatta Satpathy has narrated the story is just marvellous and as a reader, anyone will surely enjoy reading such stories!

The author believes in making an impression upon the hearts of the readers and thus arousing the sentimental side by fair means. He believes in emotions and not on the sensuous tactics which excite the readers for a while. He idealises the great Odiya short story writer Mr Majoj Das.

Debadatta Satpathy’s first book came in 2014, House of Bougainvillea and other stories. His latest book has come up this year and is titled Ghostbusters and Other Stories.

You can buy his latest book from the Amazon link below:

Ghostbusters and Other Stories on Amazon

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