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It’s time to read again – authors who will make an impact on Indian fiction

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Dear readers, Featured Books has often brought to you the essential, exciting, new and amazing books for your perusal. This time, we have brought you a series of authors who are surely going to make it to the list if impressing ones in the coming future. A few of them are just debutants and others are well-settled with their numbers – books and publications. So, get ready to read about the authors (in brief) and then we will bring the reviews to their books very soon. We have selected a good number of these authors for you today!

Mohan Timmaraju: Mohan has responded a little late to his call for writing. However, his book has ensured that his writings only matured during the delay made and he will reach many more with his writings. His work on historical Indian Freedom Movement of 1857 and the build up to that – Janardhan Talbot, has been launched recently and it has set his name among the authors who are capable of making historical themes work and yet, offering a lot to their readers in the name of entertainment and fiction. Based on realism, the writing by Mohan Timmaraju will surely impress the readers.

Sunain Banga: Well, he is young and he is energetic and he produces the writings that are more than just being romantic. His recent novel, The Perfect Couple, will impress the youths with its content and the critical readers will be impressed by the way Sunain has managed to handle this theme of love and the plot that gives a way to the theme to flourish. Sunain has written a book a few years earlier, quite young he was then, The First Crush at 13. With his second book taking forward the momentum he built, it is sure that this young author will go the distance on the path or romantic writing.

Ravi Dabral: With his first novel, Greed Lust Addiction, that comes after his first book in the nonfiction category, Secrets of Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Life, Ravi has set new benchmarks for the Indian English and Hindi fiction. His writings deal with the elements that are often ignored in general by the authors who try to gain readers by writing on romance, love and sex very often. Despite being a debutant, Ravi chose the theme of spiritual importance and has written freely on the ways to lead a happy and satisfied life aloof from the trivial materialistic pursuits. His novel also deals with the vices in our society – corruption, greed, lust, political and judicial and bureaucratic problems. His writing has launched him as a serious author capable to keep his readers entertained as well as indulged in constant thinking over the issues of the real world.

Anitha Rathod: She has already made a name for herself among the leading children book writers in India. Her books on various festivals in India, the modernised version of Panchatantra and other stories have impressed the young readers. Anitha Rathod has entered a full-time writing career after working in the corporate sector for a few years. She has recently produced a great work for kids based on Holi festival that will educate them about the reasons behind the celebration of Holi, Holika Dahan as well as the ways we celebrate them. Likewise, she has written on Deepawali, Dussehra and Ramadan. Authors like Anitha are the need of the hour because, except a few good names, no author is bothering to write children literature seriously.

Pravin Anand: Author Pravin Anand is from UP and he has written three books till the date. His books are mostly based on romantic plots and theme of romance and love. His latest book, Mumtaz and Taj Mahal is historical fiction based on the real historical incidents. Other books by him are Mars, Love and Break Up, I Love You More Than Anyone Else. Reading Pravin Anand is easy and fun – he does not believe in making things complicated. You can enjoy his books on weekends, mostly.

Alok Mishra: A poet who has been writing for a decade (almost) now, has come up in the game once again after the publication of his second (first full-fledged) anthology of poems – 13 Untitled and Weird Poems. This collection has proved his efficiency and expertise as well as the fact that poets do mature with time and synchronise their themes with the society that is constantly evolving. His first book, published in 2012, could not bring that much attention and success because of the limitations that were there. We have already reviewed his latest collection of poems on our website.

Chirasree Bose: An author who loves to create a magical narrative (as it seems from her debut novel). Her debut book, Done with Her…, has proved to be a certain milestone on the road to Chirasree’s journey as an author. She has written a multi-faceted narrative that deals with each of the characters and their thoughts individually. Not a very long read, her debut novel has been appreciated by the readers for its competence as a thriller and by the critics for its narrative that is almost fancifully fictitious.


We will keep bringing more authors to you, dear readers of Featured Books! Happy Reading!

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  • Such a nice article. You have provided us with a list of authours who will make an impact on the upcoming days. I know some of the names from the list and I will try to know whom I don’t know.


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