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Read Harjeet Khanduja to understand the nuances of business and decision-making in simple terms – Author Introduction

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Many authors writing in the business genre, that I have read, are well-qualified, respected and well-reputed in their line of profession, and sell well. However, being honest,  I found many of the books by such authors either too complex for laymen to understand or too dynamic for someone like me to flow with the text. Yes, there are always good books out there. However, in terms of business books and books related to business in general, leadership, motivation, sales, HR, decision-making etc. were complex. And then, recently I got a chance to read Harjeet Khanduja’s latest book, How Leaders Decide. Believe me, it was so encouraging that I bought his previous book, Nothing About Business and read the same without any delay. The author sounds convincing, is well-qualified and makes things simple to understand for the readers.

Harjeet Khanduja is a seasoned professional with vast experience in working for the telecom industry, pharma, alternate energy, automotive and more. Currently, he is the vice president of human resources at Reliance Jio. His long career in the corporates gives him the right expertise and experience to produce works like he has written. He understands business because he has been involved in many. He understands why is it important to remain motivated because he has managed the human resources for leading companies. However, he goes beyond the strict professional acumen at times. Harjeet has also written a book of Hindi poems, Tuktuk ki Rail. He is a popular stage poet who has performed on many occasions. He also lectures occasionally at many IIMs and leading institutes in India as a guest, speaker and motivator.

Harjeet’s writing style is unique and that’s why many readers have praised his works for the simplicity and uncluttered narrative that he offers. You will be focused on reading the subject matter, understanding concepts and learning the lessons that will make your journey in the corporate world smooth and rewarding. He is also well-versed in localising the universal subjects with proper and fitting examples taken from things happening around the common people in the country. For instance, in his latest book, How Leaders Decide, he did not only take the examples of Google and Apple but also of CCD and Paytm. And many others that make it easy for the readers from India to easily grasp the idea being communicated.

In his quite appreciative foreword, Harsh Goenka praised Harjeet Khanduja for his expertise and contributions to the world of professionals in India. And many other leading figures from the field of entrepreneurship and business have praised the author for his writing style, simple attitude to the subject and understanding of the complex concepts and further simplifying them for the masses. Harjeet’s writing can be appreciated in simple terms as explanations of difficult ideas and concepts in a simple manner that is good for the aspirants and also for those who don’t have time to go through the textbooks again. You will find the same relatable when you read his books.

Harjeet’s poetry is simple, humorous, related to life, joyous and enjoyable. He is mainly into entertaining light poetry that gives you a few moments of merry-making. It is remarkable that the author is able to manage the corporate pressure and responsibilities and yet produce some amazing literature… do read Harjeet Khanduja’s works in the business genre and poetry if you have time to enjoy some meaningful, purposeful and productive writings.


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