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Are Ebooks the future of reading?

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Are Ebooks the future_

Reading novels has become a very common way of spending leisure today. People across the age groups love reading novels according to their choices. Youths love reading romance or thriller novels and elders love reading slow-moving and serious literature. The common thing between all of us is that we have begun to love reading. The techniques and methods of reading might have changed a bit – we have moved from paper to mobile or Kindle screens. However, is this change worth? Is this change good? Is this change acceptable?

Kindle Books have become popular or very popular. Today, an author sells about 200% more on the Kindle platform compared to physical books. Also, there are bestselling authors who only publish Kindle books. Readers are going through this transition and some of us like it while some of us still need our time to accommodate the new technique. Though we already have many things related to literature in Digital such as online literature forums, online book clubs, ebook stores and many other things, we still need time to settle down with a future that will entirely be paperless…

In India also, almost all the authors who are active and have a name for themselves, focus more on selling and promoting their Kindle versions so that they can reach many readers – after all, who doesn’t own a smartphone today? Some of the best crime thriller authors in India like Chetan Bhagat, Amish Tripathi, Ashwin Sanghi and even newer ones like Ravi Dabral, Jagan Sachdeva are selling very well in digital format. The real question is – has it already happened or it will happen in the very near future? Has the digital taken over physical books?

This is not only with readers but also the book critics have begun accepting only Kindle versions for their review purposes as it does not take that extra time in getting delivered and does not delay the instant reading purpose. I have talked to some of the reviewers working with many of the best book review websites in India and they have accepted that Kindle has made their job easy and they like reading on the screen of Kindle as well. While reading on Amazon Kindle can be fun, reading on the phone is also no less amazing! If you are passionate about reading Ebooks, you can always pick up your best Kindle and begin reading:

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The moot point of this discussion is that we have moved many steps toward the destination of a digital world. So, it is inevitable that today or tomorrow will be the day when digital books will be the only option and physical books will only remain for archive purposes. There might be problems for some readers to adapt to this new truth but eventually, I believe, they will adjust like many of us have done!

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