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Jestus by V S Sury – Review

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Jestus is the novel that announces arrival of a different human being on the earth – Jestus or a man with a thousand names – names for different occasions – occasions that Jestus creates with his actions. Author of this novel, V S Sury, is a retired man in his age of seclusion and a self-driven recluse that produces novels like Jestus and Jestus on Rampage. The novel is full of humour, sarcasm, witty exchanges of ideas and dialogues and also harmless satire that V S Sury has inflicted upon human society, human beings and humane in general. Even after we finish the novel, we don’t know who Jestus is, from where has he come and where might he leave for.


Can a reader say this ‘certain’ thing is the theme of Jestus, the novel? I am sure, no! No reader can predict or presuppose or even judge after reading. The theme is complex and most of the times you will be in a delusion that it’s all about Jestus and his acts, the menace acts, the mischievous acts, the rogue acts. The novelist has kept his cards secure and plays them only on appropriate opportunities to ensure that the impact created by his cards keeps the readers engaged with the novel. To be precise, the theme is wide open and open to the interpretations of the readers. For some, it can be about Jestus and for some, it can certainly be about what Jestus says and thinks rather than what he does.


The plot certainly revolves around Jestus – from the beginning to the end. It’s about Jestus and the narrator confronting him now and then to get more about him. It’s straight, simple and very much contracted to show us Jestus and his deeds, his thoughts and his ideas, sometimes universal, sometimes personal and most of the times cynical. Because the characters who are in the novel get very negligible attention other than Jestus, the readers won’t have any trouble catching up with the pace and the narrative of the novel.

Language & reading ease:

It’s not as Choco pie as in other contemporary novels. Readers might find the language as little standard at occasions and maybe difficult on others. However, reading this novel will certainly be fun most of the times. V S Sury has matched the language used in this novel with the cynical atmosphere that the central character creates in the novel. Jestus’ dialogues are vague, rough and intellectual as well as full of wisdom as if it’s directly coming from some agnostic. The narrator has kept the tone humane and very near to our usual conversations. To read this novel, one must have patience and a little depth in the language.

My Impression:

I will thumb up this novel… at least, it’s better, way better, than the mundane romance I have been reading these days. For a change, I accepted to read and review this novel when it came to me and I am, in fact, delighted that I yessed it! Jestus is a novel that should be a better taste-changer and a light reading with heavy seriousness loaded in the content. Are you bored with what are you reading? Then go for Jestus by V S Sury instantly! All the best!

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A good novel if you are willing to read some class comedy and a light satire loaded with witty exchanges that might blow your mind at times… 

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