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Little Maryam – review

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Little Maryam review

Maryam and Saadiq’s tragic love story has been so good so far and many readers have enjoyed reading Little Maryam by Hamid Baig. It was my time 3 days ago that I started reading Little Maryam and today I am writing this review of the wonderful romance novel that it is with many qualities which make it so much more than a mere romance novel. The plot is so enticing that the reader is convinced more than enough to read the entire work without any leap-throughs and this is clearly the craft by the novelist which could do it and make it so engaging! And that’s why many top book bloggers in India have rated the book very well.

It starts with two children, one a child enough and other a teenager, meeting each other and beginning a new journey of life. Saadiq is introduced to Maryam, a 9-year-old girl, by his father Haji who works in the garden of Colonel. And that meeting is later introduced to Anne Miller, the journalist, by Dr Saadiq, the Nobel Prize Winner medical scientist.

In short, the couple loves each other but due to many reasons, Maryam and Saadiq cannot marry each other and they separate because Saadiq goes to prison and Maryam has to marry someone else under the pressure of her father, the Colonel. Haji dies. Saadiq is released and by his own hard work and efforts, he reaches the heights of being a world famous doctor.

After this, the tension in the novel has been maintained very wonderfully by Hamid Baig, the debutant novelist. He does not let the readers relax in any of his chapters. The reunion of Maryam and Saadiq; the memory loss of Maryam; the introduction of Salman and his daughter; the ultimate act by Saadiq… everything is designed so amazingly that a reader has no other option but to wonder and get emotional…

On a critical note, the novel Little Maryam is a novel which will let the readers indulge in it. Nothing short of a successful Bollywood thriller and romance, this novel is like a much better work of art compared to other contemporary novels I have been reading. The plot is subtle and the narrative is humanised so that readers can connect with it easily. The acts and incidents in the novel are within the reach of a human compass and so, the readers can read it with more interest.

I am also impressed by the art of symbolising by the author. In Little Maryam, you will realise that the Garden, the Kali, the greenery and then the changed city of Dehradun are perfect synonyms of the events associated with them. You cannot miss this novel in any way! A must-read work by a debutant Indian author Hamid Baig.

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review by Rohit

Little Maryam - reviewed
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Little Maryam is a romance written with careful details of true love meeting accidents orchestrated by fate…You will love this novel and you must read it!

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