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The Big Switch: it’s never too late – Review

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Novel: The Big Switch: it’s never too late

Author: John Thomas

Rating: 4.1/5

Verdict: A must-read piece of literature!


If I say that the book truly unfolds in the 9th chapter when Keith and Ramesh discuss how Ramesh came into the IT Sector after getting his education in Accountancy. This is where we get to learn from the characters created by John Thomas that there is never a situation like ‘too’ late if we want to chase our dreams – just chase the dreams and pursue your passion!

The Big Switch: it’s never too late is a novel, debut novel, to be precise, written by an author from Bangalore, John Thomas. Just a debut by him but the fiction created by John is amazing; you have to agree on this! And very wisely, he has forged the story of Keith in an eloquent manner with the contemporary use of language in such a way that every youth who reads the novel can find him or herself somewhere in the narrative – Keith, Kyra of even Maya. There are some typical real-life characters as well – Ramesh, Mathur and a few others who are significant in the novel.

The Big Switch: it’s never too late traces the development of an insight which forms inside the central protagonist Keith. He gets a job in a big company but fails to manage his personal life while being in the job and it frustrates him; he breaks down and loses Maya, the lady he loves. It’s only after meeting Ramesh, mentioned at the beginning of the review, that Keith accepts his ambition’s and heart’s voice – he has to find some time to pursue his dream and then make it a profession. What is his dream and what is his passion are the catch of the novel which you will find yourself so that your suspense and curiosity in the book is maintained; I don’t want spill the beans!

The juxtapositions:
The novel has a deep symbolic meaning as well. It has many things for the youths and the can certainly find some professional motivation in the book in a fiction form. However, for the serious readers, the novel also offers some symbolism. Maya is portrayed as the decisions which are just made in a hurry without thinking so much and Kyra is, on the other hand, a true companion. Maybe the author wants us to witness the reality of the modern make-break relationships…

Keith has also two forms – one is the trapped Keith who is struggling to manage his career as well as his personal life and another Keith is just the wonderful and charismatic young man full of energy who can do anything he wants because of he confident of himself!

You will certainly like reading this novel because it will offer you a different kind of read as well as a something to take away once you finish the novel. A compelling read which moves along and motivates the reader to finish the text! Don’t be late and grab your Kindle copy at just Rs 49! Find the link to the book below:

The Big Switch on Kindle: Amazon

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Out of the league contemporary novel which will certainly attract the youth readership! A must read in my view which should be read by the young as well as serious readers.

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