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The Quest of the Sparrows

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The Quest of the Sparrows review

The Quest of the Sparrows appeared on our desk previous month. The book’s cover suddenly captured our attention and it struck momentarily. At times, we do have to judge some books by their covers. 🙂 Once in the reading process, surprisingly, none of the members looked back (three people) and we finished the book one by one with a stupendous harmony among us. Harmony, we say, because we had to wait for the ‘current reader’ to finish the book. The authors of the book, Ravi Sharma and Kartik Sharma, happen to be father and son. Their chemistry too was wonderful though we are still uncertain who wrote which section of the book… The Quest of the Sparrows bode well with the Featured Books team. Let’s get into the details of the book and why you should be reading this one.

Theme and Technicalities of the Book:

The novel is certainly not what it promises on the cover. We were sad to know that there we no sparrows in the book! 😉 Leaving the fun aside, this is not a common work of fiction. We all have been reading through the pages of Chetan Bhagat and Ravinder Singh leisurely with a hope that there might be something good in some book from them but we are left saddened. The Quest of the Sparrows, on the other hand, does not let you lay the book down. A reader (as we tested on us three) always finds himself eager to know what comes next. The theme of the book, as far as we could agree, is ‘what life can be’. Though it revolves around one person named Partibhan, who becomes a sanyasi but lives among homo sapiens and does his best to uplift those who need upliftment. His life rather turns out to be an open textbook for anyone who comes close to him and wants to understand how to live a life purposefully. There are different instances in the novel where we come to realise the true potential of Partibhan’s power – the robbers surrendering and the assassin fumbling. Technically, the novel is a little lengthy but that’s okay. The readers must not feel bored reading the content which only aids their reading senses.

Reasons You MUST Read The Quest of the Sparrows:

*  The uniqueness of the novel will capture you. We are huge readers with so tall reading list which enlists so many novels as ‘read ones’. We found it to be unique in the terms of plot. It does not follow any trend at all and the authors have worked well there. You will not get the usual feeling – ‘oh, just like that one by that author’.

*  The novel is based on practicalities of life. It does not entice any ‘cult feeling’ which is often the tactics of many authors in order to lure a particular reader section. The Quest of the Sparrows offers you practical views on most of the points that appear in the novel. If someone becomes a sanyasi, does he really become one? What it takes to be really calm and composed? What does it feel like helping others? There are many questions answered through this fiction.

*  Readers’ response to this novel has mostly been positive. This is something which also worked on inspiring us to read this novel by Ravi and Kartik Sharma and we were not disappointed at all! You can also go by the readers choice for this one.

*  FeaturedBooks Trust: We are assuring you of this piece – The Quest of the Sparrows will entertain you and compel you to finish the book asap! Take our words and come back to us once you finish this novel out of your reading table.

Let’s get to reading, book lovers! It’s night and we have another readings to do. Sparrows entertained us and also taught us a lesson that books don’t need to follow someone’s shoe-marks to reach a good destiny. You just need to craf your own story – YOURS! Happy Reading!


The Quest of the Sparrows
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A novel which will not let you put itself down before you finish it and know the conclusion… a must read!

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