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With You; Without You – review

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With You; Without you review

With You; Without You is the debut novel by an emerging novelist from Bihar, Prabhat Ranjan. This is rather a long novel which runs through more than 250 pages and yet, keeps the readers engaged with the plot which is filled with adequate suspense and more of the flow which comes directly from the beginning and runs through the novel in toto. The story consists of three major characters named Rami, Nishind and Aditya and it begins in a past-memory of the streets of Lucknow where these three friends meet for the first time and where they spend a big part of their life – the childhood, the teenage and early days of the youth. The story of love and confusion and dilemmas of the grey area between friendship and love and ultimately the perfect example of all’s well that ends well… With You; Without You won’t let you feel that it has been written by some debut author!

Crafted in Hindi, the novel uses contemporary Hindi language but keeps it within the limits of tenderness and fair usage. Time to time, you will surely find some odd English phrases or even the complete sentences in the dialogues exchanged between the characters. The narrative in the novel is straight, without any use of delayed decoding or without any use of excessive metaphorical instances… you can say that it’s a straightforward novel which bases itself on modern-day confusions around the concept of love.

The novel With You; Without You can be interpreted in the terms of Nishind’s agony and redemption as well. His love for Rami was genuine or not that readers will find out when they read the novel. However, his mistake of separating the two lovers was surely a genuine and deliberate one. Later, when he works almost overtime to ensure that Aditya and Rashmi Desai unite with each other, his enthusiasm is the testimony to his inner being which is eager to wash off the tarnished tattoo which was embarked on his soul!

There is a suspense build up in the novel which encircles around the mistaken identity of Rami and Rashmi Desai. It gets cleared off only at the end when Aditya and Nishind come to know that Rashi Desai is no one else but Rami and also, the real faces come off the mask at the end when true love is defined truly by the author.

To end the review, I will say only one thing that the novel With You; Without You is for the modern readers who love to read the stories with thrill, suspense as well as seriousness. You need to read this to understand why I am saying what I have said. Get your piece from the link below and enjoy reading the novel:

With You; Without You on Amazon India   

With You; Without You - reviewed
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A very good debut by the author! Must-read novel for the Hindi readers as well as everyone!

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