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Contemporary Non-fiction Authors You Cannot Ignore – A List

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Contemporary Non-fiction writers you cannot ignore July 2020 List Featured Books

In most of the cases, debut authors leave the space of literature without impressing the audience because they need their time and space to learn how to gain attention and how to give attention (to the details needed). Nevertheless, on certain occasions, there are the authors who impress their target audience in the very first attempt and this makes a scene which readers like us cannot ignore. To take things forward, I will be writing about four such authors who have impressed the readers (and serious readers like me as well as critics) with their very debut works and you cannot pass on this – you would certainly love reading the authors mentioned below if you care about quality non-fiction literature.

Shawn Vij: Well, going by his name, stature and reputation today, you cannot say that you know Shawn only as a first-time author. Shawn Vij has become a well-known name in the field of global business leadership, motivation and propagator of moral fiber. He helps businesses and individuals gain trust in their own values. His book, by the title of Moral Fiber: A Practical Guide to Living Our Values has done extremely well in the very first year of its publication. The readers have liked the book and the reception among critics, business leaders, global audience and media has been favourable and appreciable for Shawn. The book has almost 1000 reviews by readers on Goodreads and it has 4+ rating as well: does it tell the story of the reception? Shawn cannot be ignored with such credentials and you have to read him if you are worried about your professional life, work-life balance or lack of confidence at the workplace. Read more on the book: Moral Fiber by Shawn Vij

Uma Vanka: Uma has published his debut work, I AM A ROCKSTAR: An Expert Guide to Success recently. The book has received a well-earned and also rightly deserved reception from readers, critics and business leaders around the world. The book has been launched to a worldwide audience and readers are showing their interest in the world on different platforms. Uma Vanka is currently a successful professional with a partnership in TCS, America. He has lived in the US since his 20s and has earned massive experience of over two decades in the IT industry. His writing focuses on changing the mindset of youth so that they become the market drivers in the coming years. Uma’s writing is innovative, to the point, sharp and certainly unmissable. And therefore, all his experience and expertise make him an author who must be paid attention!

Nataraj Sasid: Nataraj’s experience in the publishing industry has given him an edge over others who write about the world of self-publishing and publishing in general. Founder of BookMedia, a publishing assistance company which has recently transformed into a publishing house itself, Nataraj Sasid’s book, Self-Publishing: Expectations vs Reality, is a realistic take on what authors can expect from their publishing venture when they choose the mode of self-publishing for their works. If you are also an author who is worried about the details of self-publishing or confused whether the book should be self-published or not, you can read the work by Nataraj and find your answers. Read more on the book: Self-Publishing: Expectations vs Reality

Vinoth M: Though Vinoth M got his debut work, The Concept of ‘God’, published in 2018, his book has intrigued many readers since then. The writing, as I could analyse from his debut work (and the only work because he has been preparing for UPSC examinations), mainly concerns with an analysis of available resources of knowledge in various fields – such as spirituality, metaphysics, science, religion and so on… Vinoth has tried to explore God with his questions and with his opinions and also with his urge to induce others into thinking. Are you ready to take the challenge?

It is to be noted that all the authors that we have brought out with our July 2020 edition of #AuthorIntroduction are there with their non-fiction titles in the self-help genre. Two of the three are helping you with your professional growth and the third is helping all the authors out there with tips and expert insider opinions on self-publishing. So, as you please, you can read the works by them. All the best! I will bring more authors to you next month with exciting books, debuts or classics. Till then, enjoy your reading list!

by Gunjan Sharma for Featured Books

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