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Debadatta Satpathy

In India, we usually have a dearth for the authors who like to venture into the field of short story writing. We have been, nevertheless, seeing the authors rising to the occasion and taking on the art of short story writing to absolute new levels in India. They are experts

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An Apology for Shakespeare

Good books featuring poetry have become rarer these days. We have abundance of novels and non-fiction books harnessing innuendoes and agendas in plenty but when we search for the books which could provide us pleasure and peace and chaos with quality poetry, we have to be sad, unfortunately! Nevertheless, on

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Bleeding Queens

Palak Kundra’s debut novel, Bleeding Queens, is a work which could not only act as an agent of literary pleasure but also as an agent of change which could motivate the women in the country who still feel it’s their moral obligation to bear everything and still be mute and

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