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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

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Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte review

Jane Eyre is one of the classic novels of the Victorian era in Literature. This is a very important piece because it has so many aspects linked to it. Siding all those, the most important thing which is linked to this novel is the reading pleasure that a reader gets having read it… As our plan to encourage serious reading and writing, we have offered the readers a chance to share their views on the books they have read. This time, a reader, Khushi Krishak, has sent us her thoughts about the novel by Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre. You can read her thoughts below. A little alteration has been done by our editors.

The story starts with the bad days of Jane. Since Jane was an orphan, she had to live with her cruel aunt who always used to trouble her. And to further add to the misery of Jane, she sent her to a place which was known for the mistreatment of people – Lowood School! This was a school for the orphan girls. After her studies, Jane Eyre becomes a teacher in the same school. In that school, she finds her companion in Helene Burns who dies and another in Miss Temple who was married and went away. Jane, when the offer comes, took a job as a governess at Thornfield Hall. The owner of that hall Edward Rochester falls in love with her in their first meeting only. Jane also started falling for him. But at the same time, there was a rumour that Edward is getting married to a very beautiful and sweet but hard hearted Blanche Ingram. At the same time, Thornfield Hall was getting more and eerier as Jane was able to hear some horrible voices. However, Edward asks Jane for marrying him. And after her yes they planned to marry but their modest wedding was disturbed by Mr Briggs who told Jane about Edward’s insane wife who was locked in the room on the third floor. Jane was very upset and ran away and coincidentally ends up at her sibling’s house and there she got to know that she had a share in her uncle’s property. One of her cousin wishes to marry her but she says no for it. While sleeping she gets to hear disembodied voice of Edward and she took it as a signal for meeting Edward. There she got to know that Edward’s insane wife burned Thornfield to the ground and in this incident Edward loses his sight and one hand. His wife ended her life by jumping off the window. At the end, Jane married Edward and they lived happily after.

Jane Eyre is a novel which is taken as the epitome of feminism as well as romance. Charlotte Bronte was known for creating the characters which stay in the minds of the readers even after the novel ends… and tell me someone who has read Jane Eyre and forgot her! No one will be the answer!

I will advise the readers to have a read of the novel and enjoy it!


Review by Khushi Krishak
Introduction by an editor at Featured Books

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
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A must read classic!

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