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Romeo & Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet

Of course, only for the readers who can bear the verse of Shakespeare or can afford some alternative version in simplified English, Romeo and Juliet is a forever classic which a reader must read in his or her lifetime! A timeless romance with tragic ending, this work by William Shakespeare can make you cry even if you only read it. Those who have the luxury to watch this drama enacted in an opera or a hall, are few of those lucky ones. There are many reasons one should read this romantic tragedy by the master of the Elizabethan stage. We will be discussing the best reasons why should one read this play.

 However, before we go into the reason mongering, just a few technicalities about the work. Romeo and Juliet is originally a drama written by William Shakespeare and published first in 1597. Romeo is the lead male character in the play and Juliet is the lead woman character. This play is majorly a love story of two ‘star crossed’ lovers who happen to be of the blood-hungry rival families who keep on fighting. Somehow, they fall in love and secretly vow to be each other’s future partners. Things don’t work out and Romeo has to go away from Juliet. With the help of a noble soul, they plan something risky. Juliet has to fake her death and Romeo is supposed to dig her out of the grave… but, as the fate has it, they both end their lives in each other’s arms… leaving the family and the readers in tears…

The REASONS you MUST read this book:

  1. The book is written in a quality style. You will have so many sentences to remember and speak out among your friends. The famous ‘love is blind’ line is from this very book!
  2. This work by William Shakespeare is fairly short in length and you can finish this in one go (if you are a habitual reader). An average reader who is not more interested in reading can also finish this one in two days!
  3. If anyone wants to see a perfect example of romance, Romeo and Juliet is the answer! The young couple in their tender age fall in love at first sight and then a series of romantic encounters happen… the encounters between Romeo and Juliet are some timeless scenes painted in words by the great artist William Shakespeare… how on earth one could miss those?
  4. Romeo and Juliet is undoubtedly the finest ever work among those which we call tragic-romance. Twists and turns in the plot will keep the readers captivated till the last when fate claims a love, a true love which began just at the first sight.

We think the reasons we have extended above are enough of the base on which the readers can begin reading the work. Still, if you think that you are not yet ready to convince yourself, you must take the book and begin reading it. We bet the first scene will grip you already…

The team at Featured Books is not sure about the classification of people into the groups who have seen the Taj or not, but we surely know there are only two kinds of people in the world – one who has read Romeo and Juliet and others who have not! Now the ball is in your court; read the work or just sit and relax thinking about it. 🙂

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